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WooCommerce Webshop

WooCommerce Webshops

WooCommerce is a widespread solution, and its popularity can especially be attributed to user-friendliness and customization options.

WooCommerce Development for E-commerce Solutions

WooCommerce Development harnesses the power of WordPress, the world's most widely used CMS, offering an influential webshop plugin. Its widespread adoption ensures that WooCommerce Development provides the same user-friendliness and adaptability as WordPress, boasting extensive extension and integration options.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce has successfully capitalized on WordPress's popularity and is today the world's most-used webshop plugin. WooCommerce is loved for its user-friendliness and access to a vast range of quality extensions and integrations.

WooCommerce Design

In terms of design, WooCommerce has no limitations, so together we can truly design and develop the perfect customer experience.

You will recognize the user-friendliness from WordPress and discover that the shop is easy to navigate and effective to manage orders in.

WooCommerce e-commerce

WooCommerce Extensions

Since WooCommerce is as popular as it is, there are also a wide range of extension possibilities, and we know what works and what to avoid. But almost anything is possible with WooCommerce development, from integrations of economic systems to online subscription solutions.

WooCommerce Partner

If you wish to outsource the technical work and not worry about what happens behind the scenes, we are more than happy to offer a complete WooCommerce solution.

We manage the entire task so you can focus on your core tasks.

Development for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Specialists

We have extensive experience in developing shop systems, and of course, this also applies to WooCommerce. Our developers can solve all the common problems ranging from simple setup and optimization of the shop or purchased modules to specially WooCommerce developed integrations and functions that your shop specifically needs for success.

If you wish to outsource the technical work and not be concerned about what happens behind the scenes, we gladly offer a complete solution. We handle the entire task, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

If you are interested in a 360-degree solution, we are happy to draft an agreement that aligns with your requirements and needs.

WooCommerce Bureau

New WooCommerce Webshop?

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of developing a webshop in WooCommerce?


We have over 15 years of experience as a full-service digital agency.

Here's a small selection of the solutions we've helped our clients realize.

Målrettet SEO
Olive oil, travels, tastes, and senses


Consultation and strategy

Tailored solution

Targeted SEO


Målrettet SEO
Equipment for your kitchen


Online marketing

Advertising and reporting



WooCommerce development

Webshop Design that Sells

Design for WooCommerce

Your potential customers have an incredible amount of options today when they decide to shop. Therefore, it's not enough just to choose a template and hope that your design and color choices will resonate with the target audience.

First and foremost, design needs to drive sales, and the keywords are:
Beautiful, simple, and mobile-friendly.

Effective Project Management

WooCommerce Webshop

We have a clear process when designing and developing a WooCommerce e-commerce solution.

We begin with a preliminary strategy meeting, where we map out your WooCommerce development needs and the most crucial sales parameters. From there, we draft the framework for the site and pinpoint your preferences for design, development, and features.

Together, we clarify your wishes for the content of the site and the context in which it should be used. If you want us to handle the content, we subsequently find the best photographers, copywriters, and possibly video producers. This ensures consistent and clear communication to your customers.

Of course, we also discuss which integrations you need to make WooCommerce run as automatically and seamlessly as possible.

Once the foundation is set, we start developing your desired webshop, and you will be continuously updated by your dedicated project manager.

At the end of every project, we go through WooCommerce with you and train the responsible staff in the daily operations and usage of your new WooCommerce webshop.

WooCommerce development


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A beautiful and convincing webshop. Ideal for the business that wants a good start from the beginning.

  • Design and setup of webshop
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
    A prerequisite for a good webshop
  • Customized images and banners
  • Basic SEO
    We've ensured the technical part is in place
  • Security and speed optimization
  • 2 hours of webshop training
    To get you off to a good start
  • Tracking and statistics
  • GDPR support
    We've got the technology in place
FROM 25.000 DKK

Uncompromising design and special development. The webshop should express your company's vision and objectives.

  • Copywriting
    When your message needs to be sharp
  • Packshots and photoshoots
  • SEO optimization
    The professional approach to SEO
  • Marketing plan
    Get control of all your channels and execute on them
  • Special adjustments and development
    Opportunity for additional customization by agreement
FROM 50.000 DKK
Unsure about what to choose? Contact us for help with your plan.

Webshop Hosting, Support, and Security Package

Professional webshop tailored to your needs. So you have the framework for your webshop both now and in the future.
Professional cloud server
Security optimized server and app
Unlimited data
Daily backup - 30 days
SSD Server space 30 GB 128 GB 128+ GB
Support - phone and email
SSL Certificate
API integration - e.g. POS, CRM, ERP -
Scalable operation -
CDN - Content delivery network -
SSH and SFTP access -
SMTP and mail server -
Staging server -
Customized server - -
Price per month DKK 599,-
DKK 1.199,-
Upon agreement

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