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Reach out to potential customers when they search for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps.
You only pay for results, e.g., when someone clicks through to your website or calls your business.

Which channels are best for your business?

Your Online Ads Agency

If you've discovered that online marketing is the next step in your business development and you're unsure about which channels and strategy to choose, you're far from alone.

As a danish online ads agency we can assist you in analyzing the starting point and situation of your business. Once we have an overview, we determine which online marketing channels will be most beneficial for your business, establish a strategy that meets your needs, and ensure that it is executed in collaboration with you.

Online Advertising Agency

Contact an online advertising specialist

We help you define measurable objectives for your online advertising in close cooperation with your business.

Objectives for Online Ads

Choose the right channel

Online Advertising with Google Ads
Do you want to receive more customer inquiries or increase online sales quickly?

Start with Google Ads

If you wish to attract potentially more new customers immediately, then Google Ads is the right place to start.

From experience and several major online analyses, we know that visitors from search engines are considerably more ready to purchase than on social media. Because we can match your product with their demand, we quickly determine whether advertising with Google is good for business.

The 3 areas we focus on within the Google Ads umbrella are Google Search, Google Display, and Google Shopping. 

Online Advertising with Facebook and Instagram
Do you want more attention/brand awareness for your business?

Start with Facebook and Instagram

Online advertising on Facebook is a good starting point to increase the company's overall visibility. Here, just like on LinkedIn, you have excellent opportunities to reach your desired target group, with budgets that are very low compared to campaigns via Google Ads, for instance.

Therefore, Facebook is a very good starting point before delving into other media channels where the effect and target group management is harder to control.

Online Advertising with LinkedIn
Do you want to attract the right employees?

Start with LinkedIn

If you want to use online advertising to attract the right employees, then LinkedIn is the place to start. LinkedIn is primarily seen as a professional platform, and it's where most people expect to see job postings and respond to them.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has developed some really good tools to target your ads to the exact audience you're looking for based on education, experience, geography, etc., making LinkedIn an outstanding platform for recruitment through ads.

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