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Programming of Webshop
Integrations & Apps:

Saves time
Generates profit
Solves problems

We develop websites, integrate webshops,
design intranets, and innovate with
new solutions.

Programming of Webshop Integrations & Apps

Empowering Your Business with
Efficient Web Integrations

We program webshop integrations, booking systems, intranets, API solutions, and much more. No matter what challenge you have, we will find a solution.

Give us a challenge and let our skilled programming team develop exactly the web solution your business needs.

We help our clients reduce the number of manual tasks, synchronize vital information, and develop unique solutions.

Webshop integrations ensure that your solution can automatically interact with, for example, financial systems, CRM systems, and other systems that you use in your business.

This frees up resources in your company that you can allocate to tasks that truly generate profits, both mentally and financially.

Maximize Your Webshop's Potential

Automate Your Manual Processes with Webshop Integrations

We build integrations for various purposes and systems, and so far, we've never encountered a challenge we couldn't solve. We've created webshop integrations for financial systems, CRM systems, payment solutions, and many more.

The primary reason to integrate your webshop or website is to automate the time-consuming manual processes in your company. Examples include automatic invoicing, updating prices from an external system, or synchronizing CRM & newsletters.

Consider integrations when your employee's time spent on tasks becomes a bottleneck for your business, or their time could be more valuable when spent on other tasks. In such cases, integrations clearly add value to your company.

Webshop Integrations

Custom Development

Systems We Mosty Develop For

Although our experience with development and programming is vast, we most frequently develop for systems that our customers primarily use and which we are intimately familiar with. This ensures our customers get better pricing on their development tasks, but it also guarantees that our extensions and integrations work seamlessly with their webshop or website.

Webshop Integrations We've Developed

Frequently Requested Webshop Integrations

Accounting Systems

Save time. Online orders and customer data are sent to your accounting system.

E-conomic webshop integrations
Microsoft Dunamics 365 webshop integrations
Dinero webshop integration

Payment & Gateways

Your customers should be able to pay online. You have the option to choose the payment method that best suits your needs.

Stripe webshop integration
Quickpay webshop integration
webshop klarna integration
Paypal webshop integration
Webshop Epay integration
webshop mobilepay integration

Shipping & Logistics

Make it as easy as possible to send your packages. We naturally integrate the shop with a wide range of shipping methods.

Integration med GLS til webshops
Integration med shipmondo til webshops
Integration med webshipr til webshops
Integration med postnord til webshops
Integration med UPS til webshops
Integration med Dansk e-Logistik til webshops


Traffic to your webshop is the key to success. We make it easy for you to target your marketing.

Integrer mailchimp til webshops
Integrer til webshops
Integrer facebook til webshops
Integrer Google Services til webshops
Integrer TrustPilot til webshops
Integrer e-mærket til webshops

New Integrations and Custom Programming

Shall we make a bid on your programming project?

If you're facing a programming challenge that you believe we can help solve, let's set up a meeting so you can get an assessment of the task. We also assist companies in creating their requirements specifications, ensuring they have a professional plan whether they proceed with us or others.

Contact Simon, our development head, to discuss possible solutions.

Simon bygger Integrationer  til webshops

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